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1-2-1 Dog and Puppy Training


1-2-1 Dog and Puppy Training in and around Berkshire


In addition to the training classes, Paws 4 Thought offer 1-2-1 training for dogs of all ages.

These can take place at your home, or another location convenient to you.

For pre-vaccinated puppies, training can be started very early on in your home, which can be useful for getting off to a good start. The earlier you teach them the right things to do the less likely they are to learn the wrong things!




Unfortunately, some dogs do develop problems that can be difficult to correct without help.

We offer behavioural consultations to uncover the root of the problem. We then work with you and your dog to improve behaviour, and eliminate the unwanted behavioural traits.


Problems we may be able to help with include:


  • Aggression towards people or other dogs
  • Fear of Noises, such as fireworks or thunder
  • Not coming when called
  • Separation problems
  • Car problems
  • Destructive behaviour


“I am pleased to say that after only a few sessions, of clicker training, Bentley obeyed all the basic commands without hesitation. I would like to think that I had purchased the most obedient and
intelligent dog in the world, however, in truth I have to admit that it
was all mainly down to Claire's natural ability with animals”

- David & Bentley, Hampstead, London